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From Queen of Christmas to the Grinch.

So I was one of those people who put their tree up as soon as Halloween is over…Halloween night to be exact but this year is different. Of course all of 2020 has been “different” but I really thought the holiday season would bring… Continue Reading “From Queen of Christmas to the Grinch.”

Happy 1st Birthday

If you read my introduction or know me at all you know I consider my Birthday a holiday because it is 😌 but I feel all birthdays should be treated that way! Your important you made it through the year it’s a time to… Continue Reading “Happy 1st Birthday”

Magical Mommy

My journal…public journal. Why public? Because if I know you guys are expecting a post I’m more likely to get it done 😏 Before becoming confident in my mommy magic I use to question if I was doing things right, seeking some type of… Continue Reading “Magical Mommy”