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Out & About: St Louis Incredible Pizza

We had a chance to visit Incredible Pizza in St. Louis Missouri for the first time since they reopened. We originally went on a Tuesday but they were closed! They had just changed their hours for fall so make sure you check the website… Continue Reading “Out & About: St Louis Incredible Pizza”

Brown Babies in Disney

When I was younger I remember watching Family Matters the episode when they went to Disney. I remember that being one of my favorite episodes but Family Matters wasn’t my favorite show I actually preferred Full House who also had a Disney episode. At… Continue Reading “Brown Babies in Disney”

Magical Mommy

My journal…public journal. Why public? Because if I know you guys are expecting a post I’m more likely to get it done 😏 Before becoming confident in my mommy magic I use to question if I was doing things right, seeking some type of… Continue Reading “Magical Mommy”