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Out & About: Summit Product

It’s fall and I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I already miss summer!! Here in St Louis it’s already chilly and I was quickly reminded why I prefer summer. I like to be warm & cozy so it’s definitely time… Continue Reading “Out & About: Summit Product”

Halloween Canceled!?!

No trick or treating, no Halloween parties? You guys know I love all holidays because I enjoy any reason to celebrate! I knew our celebrations would be a little different this year. Every weekend In October is normally booked with activities ending with the… Continue Reading “Halloween Canceled!?!”

Out & About: St Louis Incredible Pizza

We had a chance to visit Incredible Pizza in St. Louis Missouri for the first time since they reopened. We originally went on a Tuesday but they were closed! They had just changed their hours for fall so make sure you check the website… Continue Reading “Out & About: St Louis Incredible Pizza”

Brown Babies in Disney

When I was younger I remember watching Family Matters the episode when they went to Disney. I remember that being one of my favorite episodes but Family Matters wasn’t my favorite show I actually preferred Full House who also had a Disney episode. At… Continue Reading “Brown Babies in Disney”

Surviving Disney during Florida Heat (In a Face Mask)

Can you believe at one point we were frantically searching for fabric and face mask now they have mask vending machines!! Right now if you want to have any type of social life him then you own a mask or two, I’ve lost count… Continue Reading “Surviving Disney during Florida Heat (In a Face Mask)”

Surviving a road trip with 4 kids!

We are on our way to Florida! The kids have no idea that we are renting a house there & with our “large” family it’s so much easier to rent a house that way everyone has their own space. Plus with Covid going on… Continue Reading “Surviving a road trip with 4 kids!”

Traveling Post Covid

I’ve finally cracked I can no longer stay hostage in my home. I don’t know about you but my family and I actually have been quarantined this whole time haven’t been anywhere except for the grocery store and even then that was only me,… Continue Reading “Traveling Post Covid”

Magical Mommy

My journal…public journal. Why public? Because if I know you guys are expecting a post I’m more likely to get it done 😏 Before becoming confident in my mommy magic I use to question if I was doing things right, seeking some type of… Continue Reading “Magical Mommy”