Magical Mommy

My journal…public journal. Why public? Because if I know you guys are expecting a post I’m more likely to get it done 😏

Before becoming confident in my mommy magic I use to question if I was doing things right, seeking some type of approval from those older more experienced than me. But I realized when it comes to being a mom there is no right way and it as long as your kid grows up with amazing magical memories of their childhood then your doing a great job. When I say magical memories some may think I mean Disney trips lol cause if you know me then yes I love Disney but magical memories are the magic feeling you get as a child when your mom shows up to your classroom Halloween party dressed up and just sits with your class, when your dad takes you to your first baseball game and carries the all the way back to the car on his shoulders because your tired and your legs hurt or even family trips to the mall. Magical memories are the things we as parents go out of our way to do to make our kids feel special.

So I started a YouTube page and I wish I would have started it when my first child was born. I love looking back at our videos and seeing how much my children have grown. I choose to share on YouTube the same reason I’m now sharing with my blog post to have an organized way to keep my memories and to share my memories with you. Kids eat free at this restaurant I’m going to share that discounts at this store I want you to know, need to know who has the best kid birthday parties I got you πŸ˜‰ Us mommies definitely need to stick together and if I have a certain knowledge of something I want other moms to know as well.

Mall Selfies minus Cameron

Now that you have an idea of why I’m sharing my memories with you let me tell you my goal to inspire moms to be magical ✨ It doesn’t take much to create a memory that will be forever in your child’s heart.

So if you read this far thank you and welcome to the fam!

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