Surviving Disney during Florida Heat (In a Face Mask)

Can you believe at one point we were frantically searching for fabric and face mask now they have mask vending machines!! Right now if you want to have any type of social life him then you own a mask or two, I’ve lost count of all the mask my family owns.

Mask On 😷

We’ve been a few different places over the summer and wearing the mask wasn’t too bad but the biggest trip of the summer was my birthday trip to Disney. Humid hot Orlando in the middle of August I don’t think we were fully prepared for the way that heat hit us while wearing mask! I’m not going to say it was easy or that the magic of Disney fully distracted me from wearing the mask but I will tell you how we made it manageable.

Hydrate! We drank so much water before, after, and during the park of course it was annoying to keep going to the restroom but staying hydrated in this heat is so important. We got the children mini thermos they kept our water cold during the entire day, my husband and I had a bigger version and we would refill with the cups of ice water that Disney provides.

Take Breaks!-Disney provides “relaxation stations” where you can safely social distance and take off your mask! Take advantage!! With the crowds being later you don’t have to rush and have time to truly enjoy the magic so take your time and relax.

Zyaire was so happy when I put the cooling towel around his neck!

Cooling Towel– I’m not sure of the science behind this one but this towel has a cooling effect that cools your whole body down. We ordered ours before the trip but we found out that Disney sells them too and theirs has little Mickeys on it!

Fans!- Stroller Fan, neck fans, or handheld it felt so good to put the fan on our face. Especially mixed with the cooling towel. We all had the fan necklace and the babies had a fan attached to their stroller. Make sure you bring extra batteries!

Everyone needs a Mickey mask!

Have you been to Disney since they reopened? What tips do you have for dealing with the new normal?

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