Happy 1st Birthday

If you read my introduction or know me at all you know I consider my Birthday a holiday because it is 😌 but I feel all birthdays should be treated that way! Your important you made it through the year it’s a time to celebrate 🎉 I say that to say my kids parties start at one, and yes I’m aware that the don’t know what’s going on but with as many photos and videos I take that doesn’t matter. For example my 8 year old daughter seriously believes she remembers her first birthday party and will talk about as if these are her actual memories but in reality she has seen so many pictures and asked so any questions about it it had just become apart of her memories.

So with that being said I celebrate starting at age 1 and I try to find activities that a one year old would actually enjoy. But that wasn’t always the case Azaleah and Cameron both had house parties and but Zyaire had a swim party (see I learned) and Zavae has her party at The Little Gym!

The high chair was so convenient once it was cake time!

The little gym is perfect for one year old birthday parties, older kids as well but for now we are going to talk about the pros of the first birthday!

* No Setup/Clean Up, They do it all for you and when your chasing around a one year old who keeps snatching their crown off that is extremely helpful. My location even had a high chair!

* Themes, The Little Gym also allowed me to bring in my own decor to add to theirs so it was extremely personalized but don’t worry if you don’t want to bring anything in they had it all balloons paper plates then even had a lighter for the birthday candle (which I always forget)

* Age appropriate Games, I don’t know about your friends and family but there is a lot of range in the ages of the kids the little gym partnered with me to make sure all the kids would be entertained especially the birthday girl

*Plenty of seats for the adults it’s a closed of matted area so if you want to sit down and watch or get down and be active you can The Little Gym was very accommodating to our needs

Who doesn’t love playing parachute 🪂

So “do you” mama if you want to have a birthday party for your one year old do it!! Don’t let anyone tell you they won’t remember or it’s just for you. I will leave all of the Little Gyms info below so you can find the one closest to you. Every Birthday deserves to be celebrated no matter how young! Leave a comment below and tell me how you celebrated your child’s first birthday or what you plan on doing. 😊


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